Windows8 For Enterprise / Win8 (Isvet Laclaustra)

February 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

Windows 8 has nicer & more efficient tools to make the Businesses run at the speed they need.

Automation with Windows PowerShell
Management tasks are easier than ever in with Windows PowerShell® automation. Windows PowerShell provides an easy-to-learn language syntax. New features in the Windows PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE) make it easier and faster for both new and experienced users to author clear, maintainable, production-ready automation scripts.
Improved cmdlet discovery makes it easier to find and run any of the 1,200 new high-level, task-oriented cmdlets.

Connection is established at start time and user does not need to log on.

BranchCache regularly caches files, websites, and other content from headquarters, and then client computers in remote locations can access the content locally. Administrators no longer need to load different driver packages onto the print server for different client computer architectures. In addition, when the print server is running Windows Server 8, clients running Windows 8 don‘t need to download a driver to use a printer that works with the Windows Server 8 print driver model.

When you sign in to your Windows PC, your device is instantly connected to the people, files and settings you care about. Sign in, and your PC running Window 8 PC is instantly alive with the things that make Windows yours: your Start page, themes, language preferences and browser favorites. Restoring a user’s Windows settings is now much easier should a user need to recover their PC. After resetting a PC, their settings are restored and apps can easily be downloaded by signing in with a Microsoft account.

Remote Desktop Services
Connecting to remote computers is easier and more secure with Remote Desktop Services (RDS). RDS allows multiple people to concurrently log into a shared server and work in an isolated session. RDS creates a more secure workplace by keeping sensitive data in the data center while allowing multiple users to work simultaneously. RDS features work consistently for both session virtualization and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

Internet Explorer 10
To help move the web forward, Internet Explorer 10 supports modern standards like
HTML5, CSS3 and SVG to give corporate developers the ability to build more powerful web

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